ECE Childcare Teacher (0-5) | Job opening

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Interested in being part of a cross-cultural bridge-building child care program?

South-East Asia Center (SEAC) is seeking a full-time ECE childcare teacher (0–5) at our northside Chicago location.

Duties involve management of or assistance as co-teacher in any of SEAC classrooms with planning and implementation of small-group or whole-class educational activities.

Requires lesson/activity planning as needed — included in your work time. Teacher is responsible for classroom clean-up/ arrangement /reorganization the day. May be responsible for breakfast preparation as needed. Must be willing to read, digest and implement and adhere to CPS, IBoE, DCFS, ExeceleRate Illinois, and SEAC standards. A high level of professional responsibility and quality of work is expected.

Qualifications include at least 60 college credit hours with 15 credits in child development, or A.A. degree with 15 ECE credits, ability to write and follow a lesson plan, ability to manage a classroom with up to 20 children with or without aides or a classroom of up to 30 with at least one aide or to work as a co-teacher as needed. Must be willing and able to work with infants to 5-year-olds.

Position requires a high level of reliability (minimal days off and with advance notice) and accountability.

South-East Asia Center is a vibrant full-service community organization in the vanguard of education philosophy and methodology and well-known for its high-quality social service, senior services and education. Since its founding in 1979, SEAC has maintained a high level of idealism, friendliness and warmth, and integration with the community.

Please send cover letter, resume including salary history and transcript(s) to

EEO Employer NOTES: Additional Salary Information: Salary commensurate with academic background and work experience.