Monitored Online Learning

The South-East Asia Center / Bridge International School is providing on-site teacher-supervised study for on-line learners. This is specifically for elementary level K-6 students who need assistance during the stay-at-home pandemic period.

This is ideal for children of working parents who require daycare, those who have trouble working independently, and/or parents who are stressed or do not feel capable of adequately assisting their children with their studies including the technological challenges related to on-line learning.

The Bridge School will provide Internet access and in-person assistance for a limited number of students who will be assigned to a cohort of no more than 15 children of mixed ages supervised by one or two teachers. By staying within this same group over time both students and teachers will minimize contact with a large number of people.

Our classrooms adhere to strict pandemic management guidelines requiring masks, maintaining social distances, scheduled hand washing and other sanitary best practices as set forth by various government agencies.

We have a sliding tuition schedule according to parents income.

To learn more call (773) 989-7433