Energy Assistance

Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) subsidizes energy utility bills.

Money for heat and electric help is now here. We will miss you , but  we cannot take in-person applications due to COVID-19. You may mail, email, or drop off the required documents to us.

Note: If you are currently on PIPP, wait for a CEDA notice to recertify.

To begin here are a few things you should understand.

The regular Winter LIHEAP program helps pay electric and gas bills. Non-heating gas bills are not covered by this program.


Speak Chinese, Vietnamese, Russian? You may pick up an application in your language at 5120 North Broadway inside the Winona Street big double wooden doors.

New COVID LIHEAP rules. All applications are now done on-line or by mail. 

  1. If you left a phone message, or applied at SEAC in 2020, received a call or a mailed form from SEAC, you are on our waiting list.

 2. If you mailed or hand delivered to the drop box inside 5118 North Broadway the form we sent you with all required documents,  you are being processed. Wait for CEDA’s approval and payment.


If you are a new applicant or do not have an active application begin here.

Whether you choose OPTION 1 or OPTION 2 you will need to assemble and submit copies of various documents that show your income and expenses.


To apply you can print one of the following forms in the language you prefer and submit:

Step 1: Download one of the instruction sheets below.

LIHEAP Letter 2021, English

東南亞中心-能源援助計劃 (中文) (Chinese)

LIHEAP Letter, 2021(Vietnamese)

LIHEAP Letter 2021 (Russian)

Step 2 : Collect all of the required documents in the instruction sheet.

Step 3: Download print and sign the Universal Signature Page – esigns

Please refer to the instruction sheet for more detail on how and where to submit your documents.



If you are ready to submit information regarding your application for energy assistance use the online form below.

Step 1: Complete and submit this form online

Put the first and last name of the person who will be getting LIHEAP benefits. If you are helping someone to complete this form put their name not your name here. This person must be considered the "Head of Household" which means that their name must be on the utility bills and they are the person responsible to pay rent for the household if rent is due.
What language does the applicant prefer to speak?
Give a phone number that will be answered if we have questions for the applicant.
Email address of the person applying or someone who can easily contact them.
The street address and main residence of the person who is to get LIHEAP benefits.
Selected Value: 0
For example if you live alone put 1. If you live with one other person put 2. If you are a mother living with three children put 4.
You might get a bill from Commonwealth Edison and People's Gas but you might be billed by other providers as well. If your landlord pays for your gas and electric you might still qualify for LIHEAP.
How much rent do you pay every month for the address listed above. Be ready to include a copy of your lease, a recent rent receipt or a Rent Amount Verification form signed by your landlord with your document submission package.
If you have NO INCOME please tell us how your basic needs are met. Where do you get food, housing etc.?
If you get SSI or SSA how much money did you get in the past 30 days. Also make a copy of your benefit award letter (all pages) or a copy of your current bank statement showing the amount you received from the social security administration in the past 30 days and submit it in your final package.
If you answered YES that you (or a member of your household) received AABD money within the past 30 days enter the total amount (received by everyone) in the box above.
If you get VA BENEFITS, in the box above enter how much money you received from the Veterans Administration in the past 30 days. Be ready to include a copy of your VA letter as part of your final package.
If you get a pension tell us how much pension money you received in the past 30 days. As part of your application package we will need a copy of your pension letter from the company (current year or lifetime).
If you made money from working, how much money did you get in the past 30 days from your job? We will need copies of your paystubs. If you have lost or do not have paystubs be sure to submit the Income Statement form available on the form section of our website.
If you got money in the past 30 days from UNEMPLOYMENT COMPENSATION enter how much in the box above. We will need copies of your check stubs.
If some person gave you a cash gifts in the past 30 days how much did you get?
If you get money for child support enter the total amount for all children received in the past 30 days in the box above.
If you got money from IDHS for temporary Assistance to Need Families (TANF) in the past 30 days how much did you get?
In the box above, tell us the total dollar amount of SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits your household received in the past 30 days.
DVP benefit is one payment one time and might be less than PIPP benefits. PIPP benefits are usually more than DVP benefits paid monthly. I understand and agree that if I choose PIPP my failure to make full monthly payments on my energy bills by the due date every month may result in termination from PIPP program, and I will not eligible to re-enroll or apply for either program until the following Program Year. Only choose PIPP if you pay your utility bills on time, in full every month.
You must submit the name, birthdate, and social security number for each member of your household. For added security reasons we are offering several options that will help you to provide this information in the form and final submission area on our website. Please find that form and submit this information using the option that is best for you.
Review this application and make a list of documents related to any YES answers especially those that included dollar amounts. Review the document submission area below to see the options for submitting supporting documents.
I have double checked everything and am ready to submit this preliminary application. After I press the Submit button below I will go directly to the document submission area and submit my supporting documents. I understand that my application is not complete until South-East Asia Center has gotten all of the information needed including necessary signatures from me. After which my entire application package will be presented to CEDA for final approval.

Step 2: Open this Fillable PDF form to submit Social Security information

You can print the form on your own printer or take screen shot and send us the picture of the form.

Step 3 :  Download print and sign the Universal Signature Page – esigns