The South-East Asia Center (SEAC) is a community-based, educational and social service organization building bridges of understanding and cooperation amongst peoples of Old and New World cultures.

SEAC serves some of the most culturally diverse immigrant neighborhoods in the United States, with over one hundred different languages spoken by residents within its service area. SEAC serves some of Chicago’s neediest who are limited English speakers learning also a new radically different urbanized culture.  Some 43%  of Uptown children and 26% of Edgewater children live below the poverty line. Many of the immigrants and refugees served at SEAC come from rural societies where education and literacy are scarce commodities.

SEAC’s more than 40 to 50 staff and some 100 volunteers provide cultural, emotional, and educational aid and social services to over 8,000 of the needy each year.

Our Staff Languages 
South-East Asia Center (SEAC) specializes in building inter-ethnic bridges. We serve peoples from China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia & the Philippines, as well as neighboring South Asia, West Asia, and immigrants from Eastern Europe, the Caribbean, Africa, and Latin America as well as native-born Americans of all ancestries.

South-East Asia Center promotes mutual understanding and cooperation and emphasizes commonalities rather than differences.

Languages Spoken by Staff


Chinese (Cantonese, Mandarin & Toishanese)


Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali, urdu