Energy Assistance Programs

Energy Assistance Program is administered by SEAC at 5120 Broadway (2nd floor)

Weatherization Program
Average 32% savings for heating and cooling bills equaling hundreds of dollars per year. An average $6,500 on heating system repair or replacement is spent per home according to the Department of Energy. Income limit is 200% poverty level or $51,500 per year for a family of four. The Weatherization Program runs year round.

Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program
LIHEAP subsidizes energy utility bills.

The regular Winter LIHEAP program helps pay electric and gas bills. Non-heating gas bills are not covered by this program.


Speak Chinese, Vietnamese, Russian? You may pick up an application in your language at 5120 North Broadway inside the Winona Street big double wooden doors.  

New COVID LIHEAP rules. All applications are now done on-line or by mail. 

  1. If you left a phone message, or applied at SEAC last year, received a call or a mailed form from SEAC, you are on our waiting list.

 2. If you mailed or hand delivered to the drop box inside 5118 North Broadway the form we sent you with all required documents,  you are being processed. Wait for CEDA’s approval and payment.


To apply, please submit:

  1. Instruction Sheet. LIHEAP Letter 2021, English /東南亞中心-能源援助計劃 (中文)/LIHEAP Letter, 2021(Vietnamese) /LIHEAP Letter 2021 (Russian)
  2. All the required documents in the instruction sheet.
  3. Universal Signature Page – esigns

Please refer to the instruction sheet for more detail.


Program generally lasts until the Spring and sometimes includes summer applications.

Share the Warmth
This is a People’s Energy program available only to  customers to help pay your gas heating bill.  Program runs during the winter; dates vary.

Commonwealth-Edison Hardship Fund
In cases of special hardship, Com-Ed will forgive past due balances up to $500. Household must be able to prove (document) hardship within the six months prior to application (examples: serious illness, job loss, being on disability). Com-Ed account must be active (electricity still turned on, or only recently turned off). Applicants may apply once every three years and must have a gross income of 200% of poverty level or less.

Income guidelines for 2020

Family Size LIHEAP Family Size LIHEAP
1 $2,127 10 $8,847
2 $2,873 11 $9,593
3 $3,620 12 $10,340
4 $4,367 13 $11,087
5 $5,113 14 $11,833
6 $5,860 15 $12,580
7 $6,607 16 $13,327
8 $7,353 17 $14,073
9 $8,100 18 $14,820

Income Guidelines Table for Low Income Energy Programs

For more information, please contact the Broadway office.

(773) 989-6927