Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

The regular Winter LIHEAP program helps pay electric and heat bills. Non-heating gas bills are not covered by this program.

How to Apply:

If you applied last year use the instruction sheet we recently sent to you in the mail. You can download an instruction sheet below or pick up an application packet at 5120 N. Broadway inside the Winona Street big double wooden doors, the corner door or the parking lot.  


To apply, please submit:

Instruction Sheet for 2022 (Choose fillable PDF or Downloadable DOC)

Chinese:   Fillable PDF      Doc

English:   Fillable PDF     Doc

Russian:  Fillable PDF    Doc

Vietnamese:   Fillable PDF    Doc

Include all the required documents in the instruction sheet.

Refer to the instruction sheet for more detail.


Universal Signature Pages – Page 1   

Income Statement- download

Rent Amount Verification Form – download

Help with translating forms.

IMPORTANT: If your gas or electric has been shut-off, submit your application with the final shut-off notice and we will work on your application immediately.



LIHEAP Program should last until May 2023 or when the program runs out of funds.

Income guidelines for 2022. Income cannot be more than this amount over 30 day application period.

Family size 30 day income limit
1 $2,265
2 $3,052
3 $3,838
4 $4,625
5 $5,412
6 $6,198
7 $6,985
8 $7,324
9 $7,484