Fathers Day Celebration Lunch at SEAC Golden Diners

Father’s Day was celebrated Friday, June 14, 2019, with a special luncheon at the South-East Asia Center “Golden Diners Club” on Chicago’s northside.

The spirit of the “Golden Diners” is to create an opportunity for area seniors to get out of their homes and enjoy social and community interaction.

The luncheon was attended by over 150 seniors as well as four area aldermen, the Director of the Illinois Department on Aging, and two representatives from the Chicago Transit Authority.

The diners had a chance to meet two new aldermen representing the 40th and 47th wards and hear about some of the expected changes related to the new CTA Red Line improvements.

SEAC’s “Golden Diners Club” is very popular with local individuals of Asian heritage but is wonderful for those of various ethnicities over sixty, who want to partake of an authentic South-East Asian style meal and experience a little of the culture while meeting some new neighbors and old friends.

The center strives to go beyond the superficial tourist approach to cultural interaction in favor of a more meaningful “Building Bridges” approach that encourages one-to-one contact and deeper understanding that focuses on similarities rather than differences between people. For instance “we all eat.”

So join the fun Monday through Friday. Breakfast begins at 9:00 AM and Lunch begins at 11:30 at 5120 N. Broadway, Chicago 60640. Be sure to say hello to someone new.

SEAC Program Director, San O recites special Father’s Day Proverb.