Update 3/18/2020 10:00 am | Childcare Is Open

Memo From San O, SEAC Program Director

Thank you all, very much, for the concerns on how to deal with this unprecedented and challenging situation that everyone is facing.

In general, child care providers are trained on how to handle sanitation and public health issues and are required to follow steps to avoid germ spreading.

Providers have to follow those steps stipulated by Public Health officials on a regular basis, whether it’s the cold or the flu.  With the existence of the Coronavirus, we have gone over the precautious steps publicized by IDPH, CDPH and CDC with  staff and parents.  We’ve also done some research on the situation with children.

Please refer to UNICEF’s statement about COVID-19 and children.  Also, for most of our families, if child care services are not available, the children will be most likely taken care of by their grandparent(s) who are the most vulnerable population of this virus.  In addition, our funder, Department of Family and Support Services sent out an email clarifying that the Governor’s directive to close schools is for schools only and not for child care centers. 

In any case, our child care stays open for now.  New developments (external and internal) keep coming.

Memo from Peter Porr, Bridge International School Director

Just to re-reassure you, CDC has now joined WHO to say that official surveys show that keeping kids home from school — not just childcare — has made no difference in the spread of the COVID-19 virus.
The gatherings of 10 or more people advice is seemingly contradictory but maybe has forgotten to distinguish adults gathering and children (who have a remarkable immunity) gathering.
Our classes now generally have ten or less children. 

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