Ms. Nga and Ms. Min Make an Indoor Bicycle

This lesson is aimed at preschool and younger but can be fun for kindergarten. Older children can help their younger brothers and sisters with this project. Typically Ms. Nga works with the two year-olds and Ms. Min with the Infants and Toddlers.

Parents: Here are the materials needed:

2 cardboard tubes (one tube about 2-3 feet long; and one tube about 1-2 feet long). These might be from wrapping paper rolls.

1 piece of flat cardboard (about 10-12 inches square). Maybe an old box.

A marker (pen or pencil), a roll of tape and a pair of scissors.

Children will also want craft supplies like colored markers and stickers to decorate their bike after it is assembled.

Note: Children will enjoy watching this video to see how the bicycle is made even if you cannot make the project right away.

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