KN95 Masks !!!

Morning of January 12, 2022  47th Ward Alderman Matt Martin delivered in person 2,000 KN95 masks to our Center for our senior services clients and our child care parents.  Pictured here is Alderman Martin with SEAC staff and seniors and two big boxes of KN 95 masks that he, himself,  and his staff carried into our Center.  You may not see in the picture, but he also brought with him a whole lot of warmth and excitement to our Center.   The evening before, Dan Luna, Alderman of the 48th Ward Harry Osterman’s Chief of Staff,  also delivered in person 500 KN95 masks which we distributed to our staff and volunteers.  With the surge of Omicron when we need the special protection from the more protective  masks, we all appreciated the kindness, thoughtfulness,  and special attention from our aldermanic friends.

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