Golden Diners Father’s Day Celebration

48th Ward Alderman Harry Osterman, joins Theresa Mah, State Rep from the second district, together with State Rep candidates for the 13th District Hoan Huynh and Eileen Dordek Friday, June 17th to help distribute meals as part of the SEAC Golden Diners Father’ Day celebration and learn more about the organization’s activities.

Dordek is a social worker with deep roots in the Uptown area while Huynh, a graduate of both Harvard and Yale is a Vietnamese immigrant. They each had messages aiming to resonate with this particular senior population.

Chicago Board of Elections commissioners brought voting equipment to demonstrate how to use the touch screen ballot.

Theresa Mah, Hoan Huynh, Sam O, Eileen Dordek and Harry Osterman prepare to distribute gifts of honey.

State Rep candidate Eileen Dordek helps distribute gifts of honey as part of the South-East Asia Center Father’s Day celebration.


SEAC staff member Laura Song demonstrates how to use the touch screen ballot.