Father’s Day Celebration 2023

The Father’s Day celebration at South-East Asia Center was indeed a cross-cultural celebration that included a delicious meal prepared and served by the SEAC kitchen staff and volunteers. Tai Nam Food Market in Uptown provided Chinese mustard greens. 88 Marketplace at the edge of Chinatown and Pilsen provided shrimp and BBQ buns. SEAC provided chicken, traditional Chinese soup and tangerines.

There were welcoming remarks by an ethnically diverse group of local political representatives including 47th Ward Alderman Matt Martin, Illinois State Representative Hoan Huynh, and State Senator Mike Simmons. These individuals are reflective of the community they serve and are particularly responsive to the unique needs related to their ethnic and age diverse constituents.

All gentlemen including attendees, volunteers and staff where given a desk lamp gift for Father’s Day.

ESL Coordinator Leona Leighton assisted Outreach & Special Projects Consultant Reno Lovison who performed a popular Mandarin tune “The Moon Represents My Heart.”

“Learning a song in a language that is not my own gave me a glimpse into what our ESL students are experiencing when they are trying to master English.” said Reno