Your Childcare Choices


Preparation for College and Life

Balanced academics (lessons in science, math + human/social sciences important for life skills, business, professions & service economy, US’s largest sector)

Diverse classrooms help students live in a multi-cultural world

All-day, All-year

Continuous education infant to 12 years old gives students stability and roots

Every item and book in classrooms selected for specific educational value

Cross-Cultural Learning

Students speak 30+ languages representing 30+ cultures

We do cross-cultural bridge building that is beyond typical multicultural classrooms

Youngsters pick up new languages naturally, the younger the better; we start at infancy

Full-day preschool students go straight to regular public school classes (no bi-lingual needed)

We help/encourage students to maintain/improve their home language and zip through second-language classes in high school and college

We teach beyond big picture, global, cross-cultural view to empower your child in life

We believe commonalities more important than differences, personal confidence in life skills lessons more useful than divisive racial, ethnic, national pride lessons

Recreation and Play Goals

Balanced (with professional guided teaching and learning)

Balanced free choices of exploration/ interest areas (library, science, math, social studies, art, music, fine & gross motor, dramatic play areas in every classroom)

Beauty, helpfulness, kindness (gardening, dance, building, Good Samaritan activities)

Building communication, thinking, interpersonal, physical skills bringing us together (no distancing baseball)

Positive cooperation (not fun in defeating others)

Safety for children’s fragile brain and bodies (no football, etc.)

Life-long enjoyment (no spectator couch-potato sports)

All shapes, sizes, genders participate at one time (no basketball, football); all winners; no losers damaging young fragile egos

Convenience & Cost

Pick-up at local schools

Low fees for low income working parents

Open 7AM to 6PM for working parents

Closed only 7 holidays

Experience and Qualifications

40 years of teaching children

All lead teacher BA, MA or PhD with education credentials

13 years teaching cross-cultural bridge building in Goudy and McCutcheon Schools

Developed and run by top-notch educators with 30 to 50 years’ experience

All teachers specially trained in cross-cultural learning

Health and Safety

All staff and families fully COVID vaccinated

COVID measure taken in all classes: air purified, UVC (as hospitals use) lights kill germs at night, temperatures and oxygen levels of students taken daily, surfaces sterilized regularly, rooms oversize for number of students.

Food cooked on site; most foods fresh (not canned or packaged with harmful added ingredients); two lunch vegetables; limited red meat in favor of chicken, soy, or fish; whole grains preferred; rice limited (heavy metals harmful to children); salt, sugar, fat limited.

Diverse nutritious foods introduce children to good lifelong eating habits.

Staff and Facility 

Teachers: above average pay, benefits and qualifications

Facilities: we restore buildings and neighborhood beauty

Broadway-Winona: Acclaimed Chicago-designated landmark with two preschool      rooms, social service offices, adult day care, Golden Diners dining room, ESL classes, commercial kitchen

Broadway-Ainslie: 8 restored buildings include a teacher library and education resource  center,  commercial kitchen, two settlement houses for staff, school office; a beautifully landscaped permeable-paver environmentally-friendly parking lot is free for kiss-and-go parents taking el or working in neighborhood.

Foster E. of Broadway: restored site with slated mansard roofs and dormers across from Goudy School

If you would like a tour or would like to enroll our school office is at 1134 West Ainslie Street, 773 989-7433, or E-mail