Golden Diners Return

Golden Diners wait for carry-out

After a COVID related break the Golden Diners Program is back, now offering carry-out meals.

Seniors come every weekday and line up outside wearing masks and practicing safe social distancing. Only a few “diners” come inside at a time to pick up their meal, packed and ready to go.

The spirit of the program is still preserved. We give seniors a needed opportunity to get out and  enjoy a little walk and some brief social interaction while getting a healthy and nutritious meal.

The program also gives South-East Asia Center staff a chance to do a wellness check to see how patrons are faring during the stay-at-home period.

We have gotten to know many of the people who attend our senior services programs, so if we don’t see someone for a few days we might give them a call or see if other patrons have heard from them. This is a community organization, and we are very interested in the welfare of our seniors.

Golden Diners is available to seniors 60 years and older as well as spouses of any age. Seniors pay a donation of their choice. Meals are homemade Cantonese Chinese (not restaurant) style. To learn more  at (773)989-6927 or stop by weekdays 11:00 to noon to see the program in action.