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The South-East Asia Center / Bridge International School has provided on-site and on-line classes without break since the first stages of the COVID pandemic.  On-line videos were offered to all stay-at-home students 0-12 years old — while children of essential workers continued to attend on-line classes.

Bridge on-line classes are ideal for children of working parents who require daycare, for children who have trouble working independently, and/or for parents understandably stressed or feeling incapable of adequately assisting their children with their studies including the technological challenges related to on-line learning.

While the Bridge School provides online classes in cooperation with public schools, we also serve children breakfast, lunch and snack, homework help, and both remedial and enrichment programming.

Our classrooms adhere to strict pandemic management guidelines requiring masks, maintaining social distances, scheduled hand washing and other sanitary best practices as set forth by various government agencies. Beyond regulations we utilize air purifiers with internal UVC’s, humidifiers, external UVC’s, HEPA furnace filters changed monthly, and oximeters used daily.

We have a sliding tuition schedule according to parents income. January and February tuition is reduced to $1.25 for most families.

To learn more call (773) 989-7433

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