We Had Fun Learning Summer 2023

During the summer session South-East Asia Center – Bridge International School students enjoyed learning about the world around them. A full day curriculum was planned for everyday that involved exploring history, architecture, nature, dance, music, and nutrition. Several of the topics were presented by Ph.D.s and other professionals.

Skills activities included active, listening, speaking and writing as well as advancing computer database and graphics knowledge. Field trips to Kenosha Museum, Millennium Park, Lincoln Park Conservatory and Zoo allowed students to get some hands on experience and primary source observation while having a great time enjoying the wider community around them.

Along with our interactive studies, students were also encouraged to consider their role in society and what it means to be a good Samaritan.

One parent commented that the Bridge International School Summer Program really helped to keep learning going through the vacation period and that his daughter was more “prepared to get back to school” in the fall.