Thanksgiving Luncheon & November Birthday Celebration 2023

Executive Director, San O acted as master of ceremonies as the South-East Asia Center Golden Diners Club and senior daycare participants gathered to celebrate Thanksgiving and those individuals with November birthdays.

There was plenty of singing and good cheer as well as a bountiful feast of turkey, Asian greens, rice and soup with birthday cake for dessert.

A public relations crew from the CTA (Taquanda Hurst, Trevor Roberts, Brian Weslowski and Jeff Wilson) stopped by to share some holiday well wishes. This team has been very helpful keeping SEAC and other area businesses and organizations informed during the years long renovations of the nearby redline.

Tai Nam Market donated Chinese big mustard greens
Sun Wah Restaurant roasted 8 turkeys for us
Mr. Evan Chung donated one turkey and winter melon for soup
Mrs. Shaomin Zhu donated one turkey
Ms. Sue Kwong donated the big birthday cake

Photos: Reno Lovison – SEAC Outreach