Highlights from SUMMER FUN Research Mini-Class

Volunteer Instructor, Prospect High School Newspaper Associate Editor-in-Chief Peter Radosh helped students use the Internet to research a subject of their choice.

Before beginning he discussed with them some best practices for determining reliable information from information that might be less reliable or unreliable. The takeaway message was to be sure not to accept what you find in your first search as fact. Look for supporting evidence and be aware of red flags that might alert you to false or suspicious content.

Working in three groups, students compiled their research then presented their findings as an oral report.

Students work as a team to compile their research.

Peter quizzes a student about the fundamentals of reliable research practices.

Student researches a topic of her choice, in this case the history of guitars.

Peter addresses the class. On the screen is a digital spinner he uses to select the next student to be quizzed.

*Peter will be entering his senior year this coming fall.

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